About Us

Green Ridge Builders is a residential and commercial contractor with in-house architectural design services. We have the experience that counts. We have built 100’s of residential homes and commercial buildings.

We design and build wonderful residential homes:

The homes we design are the most beautiful homes imaginable, yet they are comfortable to live in. We are also sensitive to the world we live in. Our homes are incredibly energy efficient, and we can add renewable energy systems to further improve the home’s ability to be self-sufficient.

We want to help make your dreams become a reality. Green Ridge Builders will walk with you through every step of the building process. This process begins with our architectural and design team who will help you design your dream home, and the project continues with our construction team who will see your project all the way through construction to its’ completion. You will be impressed with the quality and timeliness of the build process.

We also design and build quality commercial buildings:

Green Ridge Builders’ has extensive experience in commercial construction. We have the background and experience to efficiently manage each project, large or small, so that it is completed quickly, yet with the highest quality. Our expertise in construction and architectural design allows us to solve problems, get the best results from our sub-contractors and then, upon completion, provide you with the best product possible. We provide peace of mind. Let us do the worrying. You will be pleased with service we provide.

An introduction to our team of talented construction experts and creative designers:

Jay Erwin
Jay Erwin is the President of Green Ridge Builders and has been the President of Greencrest Development. He has 18 years of experience as a General Contractor for residential and commercial buildings, with the last 5 years specializing in high efficiency building practices.

Jay Erwin has 23 years of construction management and field work, with 19 years in the construction industry including lot development, new construction, commercial building and remodel work.  Jay has had management experience with Sundance Homes, GMAC mortgage, and Eagle Home Mortgage.

Mylee Erwin
Mylee has been around the homebuilding industry her entire life, being the daughter of Jay, the President. She joined Green Ridge Builders in 2014, bringing a skill set which augments the focus of the company. Her technical skills and attention to detail, along with her customer service experience learned in the medical industry, make her a strong addition to the team. As Office Manager, Mylee is involved in almost every aspect of the process, from initial contact, through closing. Outside of Green Ridge Builders, Mylee enjoys fitness and a very active livestyle, from weightlifting to skydiving.

Ronald Wilson
Ronald Wilson is a partner in Green Ridge Builders Corporation. He is the President of TransEra Corporation, serves as a partner in Big Fish Automation, and also serves as a partner in Jett Innovations. Additionally, he served as CEO of the well-respected Vantage Controls and then served as President after its acquisition by Legrand North America.

Ron served on the Board of Directors Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) from 2003 to 2008. CABA is a highly regarded non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote sustainable (green) building practices. Ron was elected to the CABA board because of his extensive experience and expertise in energy management and building automation.

Tony Oviatt
Tony Oviatt has worked for Green Ridge Builders since early 2014. He has been involved in numerous facets within the home building industry for the past 25 years. In 1990, Tony started in the industry as a new homes sales agent, manning model homes and specializing in the sale and subsequent process of guiding customers through the process of building their new home. Later he moved into operations management and has overseen the design, sales and production of hundreds of new homes in the state of Utah from as far north as Logan, south as St. George, east to Heber City and west to Tooele.

Tony loves the whole process of homebuilding and prides himself in helping customers create fun and yet practical spaces that will best serve their needs.

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